Thursday, November 19, 2009

Minipost #1 :: COD MW 2 :: Juggernaut

Just to point out how much i hate these FAT mothershaggers

In the end of the day you’re just another fatso with a suit

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Greece Vs Google

"Google has been seriously challenged by several EU countries (such as Germany, Greece and ow Switzerland ) as to its claims that it is within its legal rights, regarding privacy infringements, via Street View, and other related services."

"Privacy Infringements" Privacy of whom? Homeless Junkies? The fucking pavements? Greece, the same country that the previous week proposed the closing of an University Information Network HUB because it wasn't used for educational purposes (Apparently the whole concept of "exchanging ideas" is going illegal too), is now suing Google, along with half the European Union on the charge of "privacy infringement" for talking snapshots of our roads.

Well I can't see how someone can infringe the privacy of any public place that anyone can just buy some tickets and go see.

On a related subject Google Street View kicks ass
(thnx .jp)

No COD for them Commies

"Russia has recalled all copies of Modern Warfare 2, thanks to the inclusion of the airport level in the game.

Infinity Ward has patched the PC version in the country to get rid of the level completely, with an edited retail version due for release in stores shortly."

I wonder if there is at least one Russian gamer, that gave a crap about the airport level, or the fact that the game depicts a Russian invasion in the US, especially when considering the amounts of “Kick ass” the Russians hand out during the said invasion.

The major villain of the game’s plot is an US Army General and the only US Player Character dies after 2-3 missions, only to be replaced by Uber Guerrero Rodriguez Kickasso, who is probably meant to be of Mexican origins, proving that US games developers have knowledge of the Caucasian American’s inability to fight.

Stop whining about Politics and start bitching about dedicated servers, delayed release dates, boob coverage and not being able to pwn using H&K G3 in a Great game such as this.

Then again, them Russians may know something:

Monday, November 16, 2009


Left Home early to play and finish the campaign
in regular mode at 4h 57m and went straight to bed

Although small i found the game enjoyable, and the
whole Spec-Ops part can be played over
and over again.
After playing Spec-Ops at Co-Op i found my self lost and addicted
to the sweet arms of team play

While i still haven't found time to play at multiplayer
i will publish a
Gaming Score:

Graphics: 5/5 (Simple High end graphics without raping your GPU)
Videos: 4/5 (Game Plays as a movie)
Storyline: 4/5 (
Game Plays as a movie without a good plot)
Boobs: 0/5 (no women... need more women)
Blood: 4/5 (nice pink mist)
Do Stuff explode : 5/5 (a little C-4?)
Game play (battle): 4/5 (Weapons seem a bit off)
Game play (movement): 4/5 (Good for an FPS)
Game play (game elements): 5/5 (lots of guns and other toys)
Game play (overall): 4.5/5
Sound (effects): 4/5 (some realism)
Sound (music): 2/5 (...Boring)
Sound (overall): 3/5 (nothing amazing)

A (mini) game review by
Ninja loco ~ Gaming PhD

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well this Sucks

Last night was the supposed release of COD Modern Warfare II.

I had pre-ordered it, downloaded it via steam, updated latest GPU drivers, stacked up a tower of cokes, made my famous caffeine cookies, cleaned my chair, mouse and keyboard, sacrificed a goat to Cthulhu for good luck and was generally ready for the realease.

My ambitious plan was to start playing at 02:00 LT (00:00 GMT) and finish the game before 07:45 LT that I have to leave for work

"Work : The annoying thing that pays for my video games habit"

That's 05h45m0s to finish the game which can be easily achieved when Super Mario is responsible for your "Not Discovering Girls" until the age of 18.

As you see, it wasn't that I failed to plan, or that i planed to fail, but i just simply FAILed
to notice on steam, that the Digital Realease date had been moved to Nov 12 for the apparent reason that they are a bunch of Douche Bags.

Now, here is an image to help you contemplate the amount of douchebaggary involved.

“Here is an artists rendition of the publisher laughing at me, as I get my Tetanus shot and not my fucking COD MOD II “

Well there is always the 12th of Nov. Now, were to find another Goat?

Ninja Loco ~ Gaming Ph.D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Low Bandwidth kills my inner child

Frm: Electronics Dep
To: IT Dep
Att: Mr Kleanthis

Sbj: Low bandwidth

Dear Mr Kleanthis

During normal working hours we’ve noticed a low bandwidth issue mostly caused by people downloading granny porn and/or stupid you-tube viral videos.

This just can’t continue any longer as we have a lot of work to do.

We give you a time frame of two (2) days to fix this issue or this little puppy gets it:

Time remaining : 15:18:24

Monday, November 2, 2009

Review : Red Faction: Guerrilla

Just finished Red Faction: Guerrilla

Nice fun game, a little screwed up from being another cross platform contraption, can be played repetitively, many communist references plus your main melee weapon is a Sledge Hammer

You play as a Green (newbie) miner fresh from earth arriving on Mars to earn an honest living, then the shit hits the fun, an antigravity plane kills your brother and a few explosions later you free Mars and give it to it’s people like some futuristic, new age, miner Che Guevara only successful and without the whole getting murdered by the CIA in the process.

Time for a game score:
Graphics: 4/5
Videos: 3/5
Storyline: 2/5 (who cares on fps games)
Boobs: 0/5 (a little under-boob never hurt anyone)
Blood: 1/5 (apparently people on mars don’t bleed)
Do Stuff explode : 6/5 (not a typo)
Game play (battle): 3/5 (oups cross platform did it again)
Game play (movement): 3/5 (and again)
Game play (World): 3/5
Game play (game elements): 5/5 (lots of fun ways to destroy stuff plus a fucking JETPACK !!!)
Game play (overall): 4/5
Sound (effects): 2/5
Sound (music): 2/5 (...Boring)
Sound (overall): 1/5 (problems with most soundcards, nothing exiting)
A game review by
Ninja loco ~ Gaming PhD