Monday, November 2, 2009

Review : Red Faction: Guerrilla

Just finished Red Faction: Guerrilla

Nice fun game, a little screwed up from being another cross platform contraption, can be played repetitively, many communist references plus your main melee weapon is a Sledge Hammer

You play as a Green (newbie) miner fresh from earth arriving on Mars to earn an honest living, then the shit hits the fun, an antigravity plane kills your brother and a few explosions later you free Mars and give it to it’s people like some futuristic, new age, miner Che Guevara only successful and without the whole getting murdered by the CIA in the process.

Time for a game score:
Graphics: 4/5
Videos: 3/5
Storyline: 2/5 (who cares on fps games)
Boobs: 0/5 (a little under-boob never hurt anyone)
Blood: 1/5 (apparently people on mars don’t bleed)
Do Stuff explode : 6/5 (not a typo)
Game play (battle): 3/5 (oups cross platform did it again)
Game play (movement): 3/5 (and again)
Game play (World): 3/5
Game play (game elements): 5/5 (lots of fun ways to destroy stuff plus a fucking JETPACK !!!)
Game play (overall): 4/5
Sound (effects): 2/5
Sound (music): 2/5 (...Boring)
Sound (overall): 1/5 (problems with most soundcards, nothing exiting)
A game review by
Ninja loco ~ Gaming PhD

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