Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Finished Watching :: ULTRAMARINES

For those of you, not familiar with Games-workshop’s WARHAMMER 40K table-top game, well… I don’t care, you shouldn’t be reading this.

So… Space Marines , Ultramarines at that. These guys :
The Emperor protects us, but having a loaded bolter never hurt either.
ULTRAMARINES is an animated movie, based on the above mentioned table-top game that has spawned a series of  PnP RPGs and PC Games and now tries the movie treatment. It plays out like a standard space marine mission which will not further describe in order not to spoil it for you.
A definite must see for all those who enjoy any part of the series and a definite must-not see if you’ve never bothered with the series before.

The movie starts smoothly and even if the CGI reminds me of the early 00s (is that how you call 2000-2005?) it surely delivers. With a fluent flow of epic quotes, the apparent dogmatism of the space marines and orchestrated music it quickly immerses you to the 40K universe. While the Ultramarine newbie squad readies itself for battle with the ecclesiarchic faithfulness and devotion that can only match a charter of monks (genetically modified, space battle monks, that is the Ultramarines) I found myself there, amongst them, lamenting the loss of the emperor millennia ago, and cleansing my spirit for battle sight… even though I’m a huge blood angels fan boy.

Go Blood Angels, Go.

Maybe I overstated things a bit, but for me, this is a definite must see, that encouraged me, to revisit my blog after ½ year, just to write this review and if I had to make one complaint about this movie is its length, it’s too short, with that kind of length I expect them to make another movie, or as we say in 4chan, MOAR. 
Until that day…
...May the Emperor protect .

Animated Movie Score:
Graphics: 3/5
Storyline: 5/5
Action Scenes (Could use some more action)
Boobs: 0/5 (no women... need more battle sisters)
Blood: 5/5 (nice crimson splotch)
Sound (effects): 4/5 (nice bolter fire)
Sound (music): 5/5 (EPIC)
Sound (overall): 4/5

A movie review by
Ninja loco ~ Gaming PhD