Monday, November 16, 2009


Left Home early to play and finish the campaign
in regular mode at 4h 57m and went straight to bed

Although small i found the game enjoyable, and the
whole Spec-Ops part can be played over
and over again.
After playing Spec-Ops at Co-Op i found my self lost and addicted
to the sweet arms of team play

While i still haven't found time to play at multiplayer
i will publish a
Gaming Score:

Graphics: 5/5 (Simple High end graphics without raping your GPU)
Videos: 4/5 (Game Plays as a movie)
Storyline: 4/5 (
Game Plays as a movie without a good plot)
Boobs: 0/5 (no women... need more women)
Blood: 4/5 (nice pink mist)
Do Stuff explode : 5/5 (a little C-4?)
Game play (battle): 4/5 (Weapons seem a bit off)
Game play (movement): 4/5 (Good for an FPS)
Game play (game elements): 5/5 (lots of guns and other toys)
Game play (overall): 4.5/5
Sound (effects): 4/5 (some realism)
Sound (music): 2/5 (...Boring)
Sound (overall): 3/5 (nothing amazing)

A (mini) game review by
Ninja loco ~ Gaming PhD

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