Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No COD for them Commies

"Russia has recalled all copies of Modern Warfare 2, thanks to the inclusion of the airport level in the game.

Infinity Ward has patched the PC version in the country to get rid of the level completely, with an edited retail version due for release in stores shortly."

I wonder if there is at least one Russian gamer, that gave a crap about the airport level, or the fact that the game depicts a Russian invasion in the US, especially when considering the amounts of “Kick ass” the Russians hand out during the said invasion.

The major villain of the game’s plot is an US Army General and the only US Player Character dies after 2-3 missions, only to be replaced by Uber Guerrero Rodriguez Kickasso, who is probably meant to be of Mexican origins, proving that US games developers have knowledge of the Caucasian American’s inability to fight.

Stop whining about Politics and start bitching about dedicated servers, delayed release dates, boob coverage and not being able to pwn using H&K G3 in a Great game such as this.

Then again, them Russians may know something:

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