Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Greece Vs Google

"Google has been seriously challenged by several EU countries (such as Germany, Greece and ow Switzerland ) as to its claims that it is within its legal rights, regarding privacy infringements, via Street View, and other related services."

"Privacy Infringements" Privacy of whom? Homeless Junkies? The fucking pavements? Greece, the same country that the previous week proposed the closing of an University Information Network HUB because it wasn't used for educational purposes (Apparently the whole concept of "exchanging ideas" is going illegal too), is now suing Google, along with half the European Union on the charge of "privacy infringement" for talking snapshots of our roads.

Well I can't see how someone can infringe the privacy of any public place that anyone can just buy some tickets and go see.

On a related subject Google Street View kicks ass
(thnx .jp)

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  1. The hypocrisy is that Athens is full of security cameras monitoring everything and everyone, live.
    It's ok for the government to do it but when it comes to google street view it's evil.