Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well this Sucks

Last night was the supposed release of COD Modern Warfare II.

I had pre-ordered it, downloaded it via steam, updated latest GPU drivers, stacked up a tower of cokes, made my famous caffeine cookies, cleaned my chair, mouse and keyboard, sacrificed a goat to Cthulhu for good luck and was generally ready for the realease.

My ambitious plan was to start playing at 02:00 LT (00:00 GMT) and finish the game before 07:45 LT that I have to leave for work

"Work : The annoying thing that pays for my video games habit"

That's 05h45m0s to finish the game which can be easily achieved when Super Mario is responsible for your "Not Discovering Girls" until the age of 18.

As you see, it wasn't that I failed to plan, or that i planed to fail, but i just simply FAILed
to notice on steam, that the Digital Realease date had been moved to Nov 12 for the apparent reason that they are a bunch of Douche Bags.

Now, here is an image to help you contemplate the amount of douchebaggary involved.

“Here is an artists rendition of the publisher laughing at me, as I get my Tetanus shot and not my fucking COD MOD II “

Well there is always the 12th of Nov. Now, were to find another Goat?

Ninja Loco ~ Gaming Ph.D

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  1. Dude the kid that gets it is a girl. LMAO never the less.
    I was planning on pre-ordering as well, but after the dedicated servers issue I bailed.