Friday, December 18, 2009

You've been convicted

"No, we are not dressed like that cause we like it..."

After watching the latest trailer of Splinter Cell: Conviction, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, which showcases the co-op campaign of the title (a prequel to the rest of the game), I got a little bit excited. Conviction wasn't really high on my watch list, if even it was on it. I've played the first three games, and even though I'm a sucker for the "stealth genre", they felt boring, to say the least. It's the console curse, I'm sure. How many games have been spoiled because of so many reasons(as oversimplified mechanics, bad ports etc) so they could be released on multiple platforms?

"video by gametrailers"

I haven't read much about Conviction, but the fact it futures a distinct co-op campaign is quite something, especially if Ubisoft Montreal manages to deliver. As for the single player, judging from the previous titles, at the very least it will be a pleasant experience, and if the developers overcome the flaws of previous titles in the series, it could be quite something.

"Want me to paint it for you? This phrase takes a whole different meaning now"

We really need more co-op on PC games, and some fresh approaches to multiplayer overall. If you ask me, cooperative gameplay, other than being a fun way to play, allows for more complex mechanics and level design, and in many cases, it can be incorporated into a -mostly- single player title as an extra future, campaign or multiplayer mode, as we've seen with older titles. That's without mentioning multiplayer only games, Left 4 Dead being a great example of great co-op, and the dozens of multiplayer first person shooters with their take on cooperative gameplay rarely going beyond a "capture the flag" mode...

Splinter Cell: Conviction was to be released a couple of years ago, and got pushed back, which is probably a good thing. Without further delays it will be released on late February 2010.

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