Thursday, December 17, 2009

The LED warrior and the winter Goddess

It seems that plenty of cities in the US have started switching to LED traffic lights for some time now, though noone anticipated that the LED won't produce enough heat to melt snow, resulting on obscured traffic lights, something that has already caused dozens of accidents, according to Yahoo! News.

"Authorities in several states are testing possible solutions, including installing weather shields, adding heating elements like those used in airport runway lights, or coating the lights with water-repellent substances."

So much for sub-atomic particle collisions near the speed of light and space elevators when we are still doomed on the face of Auril...

While obviously this has nothing to do with gaming(or maybe...), it did remind me that I really need to get my hands on Cities XL, which from the very little time I had with the demo seemed worthwhile, though I still have to wait for a "Sim City meets Empire Earth" kind of title...

"No beach houses? Seriously???"

Title photo by Iokulin(blog, flickr).

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