Sunday, December 20, 2009

Exodus (Reindeer or not)

"That's what happens when you mess up your prayers to the Light..."

Holidays are almost here, and I'm already packed for a -couple of weeks long- trip to my hometown, which will be all about spending time with friends and family, studying, and working on the "new" blog. Hopefully, some time around January everything will be done, uploaded and ready to go, though it kind of depends on how much time I'll be able to spend in front of a computer these days. Not much I suspect.

But how can you even start to describe holidays of any kind, without some sort of gaming involved? In my case, thats a tricky one, since my trusty netbook isn't exactly a powerhouse. Plus, at the moment runs Mint.

Even so, there are plenty of options out there. From old classics to ASCII(Dwarf Fortress I'm looking at you) and various lovely indie titles as well, just to mention a few. Considering my limited time and my not so much love as obsession for game design, I'll probably dig up some old and/or obscure title that uses some sort of unique or rare mechanics.

Gotta love occasions like this. The chance to leave(for some time at least) a city of a couple of million more people than I'd like, well, priceless.

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