Monday, December 21, 2009

3D Dot Game Heroes :: A Geekgasm

The year has passed. 2K+9 was a year to be remembered for it’s game releases, with titles such as Dragon age: origins, Modern Warfare 2, Resident Evil 5, WH40K Dawn of War II, STALKER prypiat, Plants vs. Zombies, Red Faction: Guerilla, Border Lands, Assassins Creed II and many more, that I don’t have the energy to mention. Even movie-wise, a year closing with Cameron’s Avatar a 3D adventure, that sets a milestone on the use of CGI in movies, as it actually filmed in what seems to be a map editor. So it stands, that in the coming 2010, game developers will have a hard time advancing the gaming standards even further.

“BTW Merry Christmas”

   PC Graphics will continue to advance, some game will have plots, others won't, some games will suck *cough* Rogue Warrior * cough*, while others will suck even harder *cough* oh no wait, its Rogue Warrior again *cough*, other games will play like movies and others will just be mindless shooters, add few indie hits here and there and all the world’s gamers can sleep happily.

   I didn’t have anything left to expect for the Q4 of 2009, except maybe the English release of STALKER which was delayed for Q1 2010, and then one day…

 “...This Happened”

   This being what seems as the most promising game of 2010 and the sole reason to own a Play station III (except maybe for over-compensating). Welcome to Dotnia (Pixels/Dots, get it ?), a 3D city made entirely out of  Pixel Art. More a visual sensation / sexsation(?) / experience, the game unfolds in a pixel art orgy of colors, old school games references and geek wet dreams. The game that will attract, all gay Zelda fanfic fans everywhere, follows a linear adventure,  of a pixilated hero through dungeons, fields and most probably princesses, without playing i'll have to give it a “must play” if only for the epilepsy inducing experience.

“Gilgamesh owning Zelda style ?”

A game pre-view fantasy by
Ninja loco ~ Gaming Ph.D

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